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Folklore Costa Rica

La palabra folklore nació en el siglo XVII, por un hombre dedicado a guardar cosas antiguas, un día se le ocurrió que había haber una palabra para todo aquello que los pueblos transmitían a través de los tiempos, e hizo la unión de dos vocablos: FOLK: pueblo y LORE: sabiduría; folklore es la sabiduría o el saber de un pueblo.

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"Popular expression as it is known our loved country Costa Rica."

Costa Rican people feel very proud about living in a country forged with work and effort that is distinguished by its democracy and freedom. We abolished the army since 1948, and we have democratic elections since more than 100 years ago.

The Costa Ricans or “Ticos” known as that because of its tendency to use diminutives, it fill us pride and satisfaction to rescue our identity and to not allow our own values to disappear, values that have done emphasized the image of the Costa Rican people.

Costa Rica is situated in Central America; it limits the north with the Republic of Nicaragua, the southeast with the Republic of Panama, the east with the Caribbean Sea and the west with the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica has a 51,100 square kilometers surface, in which extension keeps a great variety of rivers, mountains, valleys, flora and fauna, volcanoes, protected areas, biological reserves and too many other attractions for the tourist. It has an approximate population of 4.5 millions of inhabitants, the language is the Spanish, the capital city is San José and its currency is the colon.

The association “Dances and traditions of Costa Rica” TIQUICIA GROUP, was founded on March 6th 1999 and arises as a product of the historical necessity that the country has to rescue and preserve the popular art, it is a cultural Costa Rican organisation without profit aims, with an ample national artistic trajectory as much as international, where we have created the richness, variety and cultural identity of our country, keeping alive the legends, ceremonies, traditions and customs of Costa Rica.

We are organized in seven artistic sections: Cords and Songs Group, “Cimarrona”, Xylophone, Calipso, Camera group, Folkloric Dances and Masquerades, and besides that we also have a cast of 35 members.

Born of the necessity that our country has to investigate, to preserve, to keep and to project popular and traditional manifestations, besides to valorise and expose on sceneries and towns the dances and musical compositions, which have been written, compiled or created by forgotten and unknown values in our means.

The search of the cultural Costa Rican reality, to shape it and project it in the universal language of the spectacle, has been the permanent objective of the FOLKLORIC GROUP TIQUICIA. Simultaneously, we have made an exhaustive and interesting labor that has took it to occupy a privileged place between the cultural-artistic manifestations.

Arduous working hours, have took us to enjoy too many success and experiences as much at the artistic level as at the human level. In our 7 artistic trajectory years, we have could offer presentations through all the country, we have participated in different national television shows, that are transmitted  by the channels 7 and 6, as well we did  in programs of The Ministry of Culture, and we have also performed at hotels, enterprises, institutions and Theatres.

We have developed four “Folkloric International Shows” as part of our program of cultural interchanges at the Popular Theatre Melico Salazar, in our capital ciy San José – Costa Rica. Besides that, we have made four national shows: “Orgullo Tico” in English: “Tico’s Pride”, “Cosas de mi Pueblo” or “Things of my Town”, “Un Canto Para mi Tierra” or “A song for my land” and finally: “Esto es Tiquicia” or “This is Tiquicia”.

The Artistic Sections of the group, have done of Tiquicia, with its untiring fight, not to faint a single moment; and in the contrary has took abroad the natives values of the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy.

Internationally we have represented our country in an official way in several World Folklore Festivals, such as New York (United States), France, Vasco Country, Spain, Mexico and Peru.

One of the most important activities of the “Costa Rican Dances and Traditions Association” TIQUICIA GROUP, during the last years, is the cultural interchange with others groups.

The Folklore Festival which is organized by our organization it’s denominated “International Folkloric  Shows”. The first one, was organized in 2003, with the participation of  “Itxas-Ande Folkloric Group” from the Vasco Country (Spain); for the year 2004, we counted with the “Magisterial Company of “Tulancingo from Hidalgo, Mexico and with the Folkloric Dances Group “Carmen López” from Colombia; for 2005, the “Folkloric Ballet Maikan Sumaj” from Argentina and the “Dances and Lion’s Group” of the Chinese Association, in the 2006 edition, we had the “Projection Folkloric Group Hunthula” from Honduras, the “Dance Academy SoundStage Cloggers” for The United States and The “Folkloric Group of the Cultural Centre of Bolivia.

It is possible to mention, that this event has been declared CULTURAL INTEREST by the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and the Presidency of the Republic.

Hans Leitón Gutiérrez, General Producer of the “Internationals Folkloric Shows”, President of the “Costa Rican Dances and Traditions Association”, and General Director of “Tiquicia Folkloric Group”, was born in San José, and since he was very young, he inclined his steps in the art.

He has travelled for different countries, and he has participated as member and director in several Folkloric World Festivals (France, Portugal, Mexico, Corse, Spain, Vasco Country, Netherlands, England, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Estates Units, Honduras, Peru, and others).

Today, he is the official delegate for Costa Rica of the International Council of Organisation of Folkloric Festivals and Traditional Arts (CIOFF), by its abbreviations in Spanish.

Asociación “Danzas y Tradiciones de Costa Rica” GRUPO TIQUICIA
Legal certificate number 3-002-324213
P. O. BOX.  942-2400 San José – Costa Rica
Phone: (506) / (506) 
Fax: (506)

E-mail: info@grupotiquicia.org

Grupo Tiquicia

Jóvenes estudiantes y forjadores de una cultura nacional que han sabido resistir las fuerzas de la desnacionalización y lejos de conformarse con el éxito del plano local, se lanzan llenos de optimismo y de seguridades, a desafiar a los vientos extranjeros en los que tanto cuesta abrirse al menos un sendero.

Es una entidad culturalmente costarricense sin fines de lucro, con amplia trayectoria artística tanto nacional como internacional, donde hemos recreado la riqueza, variedad e identidad cultural de nuestro país, manteniendo vivas las leyendas, ceremonias, tradiciones y costumbres de Costa Rica.



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